How It Works

Cash4DiabeticSupplies is the easiest and fastest way to get cash for your unopened, unexpired Diabetic Testing Strips.


Just get a free quote and then request your 100% FREE mailing kit.  Pack the box and drop it in any USPS Mailbox, at any post office location, or you can just hand it to your mail carrier.  Then just wait to get your payment.  From shipping to payment the process can take as little as 10 business days (depending on the US mail, of course)!   


         Get A Quote and Request a Free Mailing Kit


Get a quote for selling your diabetic testing strips and request the free mailing kit. To get an instant quote, use the instant quote calculator on the home page and let us know the brand, the amount of strips that come in each box and how many boxes you have to sell.  Be sure to match the box you have with the pictures that are shown to get an accurate quote.  Also verify that the expiration dates are at least 7 full months out or call for a quote if less.  When you accept our offer, simply click on "send my free mail kit". Then just fill out your shipping information and how you would like to get paid.  Your mailing kit should arrive in approximately 3-5 days. 


        Ship Your Diabetic Testing Supplies


Ship your unopened, unexpired diabetic testing strips. Upon receipt of your pre-paid mailing kit, verify the information on your confirmation slip, and put your unopened, unexpired diabetic testing strips in the box we provided.  If you have additional boxes or if there are any other changes, please make the corrections or updates on the confirmation sheet before you enclose it in the box.  Check the brand and expiration dates of your test strips and verify that all boxes are sealed and unexpired. (Only expiration dates of 7 months or more are accepted- you can find the expiration date on the side, bottom or back of your box).  PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE ANY PHARMACY LABELS!  We have special techniques that can safely remove the label without damaging the box and diminishing its value.  All pharmacy labels are destroyed after being removed to protect your privacy.  CALL US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS POLICY-1-888-973-3729.

We even supply some bubble wrap so you can keep your boxes safe while in transit as well as tape to tape the box closed.  We can’t make it easier for you!  Just drop the box in any USPS location or give it to your mail carrier to return. It’s prepaid so again no cost to you!  


         Get Paid!


Get cash for selling your diabetic testing strips. Our customer service team will inspect your unopened, unexpired diabetic testing supplies when they arrive and verify the boxes are in great condition, the dates are acceptable and consistent with the quote we provided you with our online calculator.  If everything is in order, your payment will be processed within 24 hours and you will get paid with a check, Zelle or PayPal as requested. If you have any questions, feel free to call us 1-888-973-3729, toll-free 24 hours a day or email us at