FREE Webinar: Foot Care & Diabetes

Tomorrow, Dec 8th @ 1 pm EST 

Vigilant foot care is critical when you have diabetes.

Knowing the proper way to care for your feet can help you avoid pain, open wounds, infections, and amputations.

Treat your feet and join us on Thursday, Dec 8th @ 1 pm EST when one of the country’s most noted experts on foot care will share his top tips!

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Heard of Diaboogle???


The search engine Diaboogle is a Google custom search engine developed by blogger Bernard Farrell to weed out the sales pitches and gimmicks and connect searchers with useful, authoritative diabetes information and support. Just type a word or phrase you’d like to search on in the search box, then refine your search by clicking on Prevention, Complications, Symptoms, or Products, if desired.

Going back to diabetes basics

The American Diabetes Association reports 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed every year.   Feel free to do the math. Almost 30 million Americans (both type 1 and type 2) currently have diabetes in the U.S.   Add the 86 million Americans with pre-diabetes and you can say a third of the population has a blood sugar problem.

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World Diabetes Day 2016

November 14, 2016 is World Diabetes Day.  The theme of World Diabetes Day 2016 is “Eyes on Diabetes.”  The year’s activities and materials will focus on promoting the importance of screening to ensure early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and treatment to reduce the risk of serious complications.

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