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Sell your unused diabetic test strips for cash, for the best price in the shortest amount of time -- Guaranteed! We will send you a FREE postage paid mailing kit including the box, tape, and bubble wrap to submit your unexpired and unopened boxes of test strips to us! Get started by entering your test strips into our quote calculator here to see how much cash you can expect! You can also call us at 1-888-973-3729 to get a quote or if you do not see your product listed in our quote calculator. Once we receive and check in your package we will process your payment by check or PayPal within 1 business day. If you find another site that offers you more for your supplies, email us the link and we'll match that price by 110% (see our FAQ). Remember your unused test strips are going to others who need them and earning you cash in the process.Help Yourself while Helping Others!

We have been in business since 2005 and have helped thousands of happy clients earn some much needed extra cash. We look forward to the chance to do the same for you. We are also commited to donating a portion of the product we receive to worthy organizations that help other diabetics.

Recent Payouts
  • MARTIN S. received.. $32.00
  • MARK W.received.. $117.00
  • ADOLFO B. received.. $70.00
  • LinLARA S. received.. $84.00
  • BILL R. received.. $42.00
  • JAMES M. received.. $45.00
  • KEN D. received.. $135.00
  • TRACY C. received.. $55.00
  • ANN W. received.. $110.00
  • BERNIE T. received.. $86.00
  • GEORGE B. received.. $75.00
  • CHARLES V. received.. $152.00
  • BETTY H. received.. $102.00
  • RICHARD K. received.. $55.00
  • HELEN R. received.. $99.00
  • MARY A. received.. $30.00
  • BARBARA N. received.. $41.00
  • WILLIAM A. received.. $48.00
  • WARREN H. received.. $54.00
  • PETER D. received.. $320.00
  • THOMAS P. received.. $172.00
  • DARRYL H. received.. $50.00
  • ANDRE B. received.. $94.00
  • LOUIS B. received.. $140.00
  • PATRICIA N. received.. $124.00
  • CONNIE T.received.. $78.00
  • MARTHA M. received.. $200.00
  • LISA T. received.. $135.00
  • TYLER P. received.. $76.00
  • JOYCE Q. received.. $30.00
  • THOMAS C. received.. $118.00
  • LARRY T. received.. $45.00
  • CAROL M. received.. $276.00
  • JERRY L. received.. $129.00
  • ANDY R. received.. $76.00
  • ROBERT L. received.. $35.00
  • COURTNEY C. received.. $76.00
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  • My test strips do not expire for at least six full months and are sealed in their original manufacturer packaging. I am sending the minimum amount of boxes listed for my product. * If you have products that expire in less than 6 full months or are not listed please call customer service at 1-888-973-3729 for a quote.

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